How we work with Meta to offer new products and services

We work with Meta to offer new products and services that some people might find helpful. Where available, some examples include:
  • If you’re chatting with a business on WhatsApp, you can view their Shop from their WhatsApp business profile.
  • You may choose to use a Meta Pay account to buy something in WhatsApp without re-entering your payment details.
  • Businesses that advertise on Facebook and Instagram may provide a link to their WhatsApp account directly in the advertisement. This is so that if you’re interested, you can reach them on WhatsApp.
  • If you forget the password of your Facebook account, you can send a Facebook access code to WhatsApp.
  • You can choose to connect your WhatsApp account with Portal, which is a Meta video calling hardware device. You’ll save time because you don’t have to re-enter contact information for the people that you want to use Portal with.

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