How to invite and dismiss channel admins

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As a channel owner, you can invite up to 16 admins at a time to help you manage your channel and channel updates. You can invite anyone from your contacts. Any admin can choose to dismiss themselves (see instructions below).
When inviting someone to be an admin, keep in mind:
  • Invited admins can see your phone number: When you invite someone to be a channel admin, the invitation is sent as a chat message from your personal WhatsApp account, not your channel.
  • Any admin can make updates or manage channel info: Once an invitation is accepted, an admin can manage your channel info and create, edit, and delete any channel updates. Only you, as the channel owner, can delete the channel. Learn more about channel admin controls.
  • All admins should enable two-step verification: As the channel owner, encourage all admins to turn on two-step verification for their account to protect the security of your channel.
  • Channel admins who aren’t the owner can’t invite or dismiss additional admins.
  • As the channel owner, you can see the list of invited and current admins at the top of your follower list on the channel info page.
  • Channel invitations expire:
    • After 7 days if not accepted.
    • If accepted by the invited admin.
    • If the invitation is revoked by the channel owner.
You can invite, dismiss, and revoke invitations for channel admins from your channel info page.
To get to your channel info page:
  1. Open Channels by clicking the Channels icon.
  2. Click your channel.
  3. Click your channel name.

How to invite channel admins

You can invite an admin by clicking them from the follower list and selecting Invite as channel Admin, or from the top of your follower list by:
  1. Clicking Invite admins.
  2. Selecting admins to invite from either:
    • Followers
    • Your contacts
  3. Adding a message to your invite, and clicking
    to send it.
You can invite multiple admins at one time, and each invitation will open a separate chat between you and the invited admin. You’ll get a notification if the invitation is accepted.
To revoke an admin invitation, from the top of the follower list click an invited person and select Revoke invite > Revoke. You can also revoke an invite from your chat by click View channel > Revoke invite.

How to dismiss channel admins

If you’re the channel owner: Click the admin you want to dismiss, then select Dismiss as Admin > OK.
If you’re a channel admin and want to dismiss yourself: Find yourself in the channel follower list, click your name, then select Dismiss as admin > OK.
  • The channel owner or admin will be notified whenever someone is dismissed by the owner or dismisses themselves.
  • The dismissed admin will remain a follower of the channel.

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