About interacting with businesses using WhatsApp Flows

Note: This feature may not be available to you yet.
WhatsApp Flows is a feature that allows businesses to provide services seamlessly while interacting with their customers. This means that customers using these services can perform several actions without having to leave WhatsApp. For example, customers can:
  • Book appointments
  • Log in to their accounts
  • Customize a product that they're interested in
  • Fill out and submit forms
  • Sign up for events and promotions
Any information you enter while interacting with businesses using WhatsApp Flows is delivered securely to the business. To learn more about the privacy and security of business messaging, view this article.
  • Businesses that you chat with are able to use the messages they receive, as well as any information you share with them while using WhatsApp Flows, for their own purposes. You can always contact a business to learn more about its privacy practices.
  • WhatsApp does not currently process payments as part of WhatsApp Flows. If you have any questions about a payment, or you’d like to request a refund for a purchase, please contact the merchant or business directly to do so. Learn more in this article.
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