About AI experiences on WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s parent company, Meta, has developed a number of optional AI (artificial intelligence) experiences that will be available on WhatsApp. Meta provides you with the AI experiences and the AI technology that powers them, while WhatsApp focuses on integration and performance of AI experiences in the app.
The AI features available on WhatsApp include:
  • Meta AI and other AI characters from Meta
  • AI image generation features
  • Meta AI in WhatsApp search
  • These features are currently only available in limited countries and might not be available to you yet.
  • At this time, only English is supported.
Messages from Meta AI are generated by AI (artificial intelligence), using a technology from Meta, in response to the prompts you send to the AI. AI messages are different from personal messages, and we explain more about how Meta uses AI messages and prompts below. As always, your personal messages and calls remain end-to-end encrypted, meaning not even WhatsApp or Meta can see or listen to them. Learn more about end-to-end encryption in this article.

What’s Meta’s role?

Meta provides the generative AI technology that powers AI experiences on WhatsApp. Generative AI is a computer model that’s trained on different types of data, such as text and images, including the messages and prompts you send to Meta AI. In addition to building and training the language model, Meta is also responsible for the privacy and safety guardrails to protect people’s information and ensure they have a positive experience. Learn more about how Meta is building generative AI features responsibly here.

What’s WhatsApp’s role in offering AI experiences?


WhatsApp integrates and makes AI features available by:
  • Adding ways for you to discover and use AI experiences directly on WhatsApp.
  • Building tools so you can submit feedback to Meta if you experience a problem with AI experiences on WhatsApp.
  • Helping you understand, inside the app, how your information may be used when you choose to use an AI experience.


WhatsApp reviews how AI experiences are functioning on WhatsApp to make sure they work as expected for our users and to understand their performance.

What information does Meta receive about me if I use an AI feature on WhatsApp?

Meta needs to receive and use information in order to provide the generative AI technology that powers AI experiences. What Meta receives and how Meta uses it depend on how you interact with the experiences.
Features such as AI chats, including Meta AI and AI characters, AI image generation, and Meta AI in WhatsApp search are provided directly by Meta. You’ll be asked to accept the Meta AIs Terms of Service and acknowledge the Meta Privacy Policy before you can use them. When you choose to use these features, Meta receives your prompts, AI messages, and feedback to deliver relevant responses directly to you and to improve its AI quality. The Meta AIs Terms of Service and acknowledge the Meta Privacy Policy describe how Meta uses this information. Meta also receives performance information from WhatsApp in accordance with the WhatsApp Privacy Policy.
Learn more about AI chats and privacy on WhatsApp here.

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