About group join requests

The Approve New Participants setting empowers admins to help grow, moderate, and protect their groups. Turning on the setting in Group Settings requires the admin to review every request to join the group before a participant is allowed to join.
Note: The Approve New Participants setting is turned off by default. In this case, every participant that requests to join the group will be granted admission.
There are several ways a participant can join a group:
  • Group Invite link
  • Added by another participant in the group
  • Group directory in a community
  • QR code
As a member
When admin approval is required to join the group, participants will see the message “An admin must approve your request” above the Request to join button. Participants will be able to share their Reason for the request with the group admins or Cancel Request. When a participant’s request has been approved, the chat will reflect which group admin added the participant or if they joined through the group’s invite link.
As a group admin
Group admins will be notified when they have pending requests to review. An admin might see a banner in the group chat or can access the Pending participants screen from the Group Info page.
When reviewing a request, group admins can see the source of the request to better help them make decisions. The admin can choose to approve or reject the request. If a group admin doesn’t have enough information about the person requesting access, they can tap on the user to go to their contact info and start a chat with that person.
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