Can't migrate chat history from an iPhone to an Android device

To transfer your WhatsApp chat history from iPhone to Android, you must have:
  • For Samsung devices, Samsung Smart Switch app version or above installed on your new device
  • For Google Pixel or Android 12 and above, Google's Data Restore Tool installed on your new device
  • WhatsApp iOS version or above on your old device
  • WhatsApp Android version or above on your new device
  • USB-C to Lightning cable or equivalent adapters
  • The same phone number on the new device as the old device
  • Your new Android device set as factory new or reset to factory settings
WhatsApp is already active, skipped or missed import option on my new device
You can only restore your WhatsApp history before you’ve activated WhatsApp on your new device. If you want to get back your old message history, you can:
  1. Delete WhatsApp on your Android phone.
  2. Re-register for WhatsApp on your iPhone.
  3. Start a new transfer with Smart Switch on Samsung or Google backup app on Google Pixel or Android 12 and above.
Note: It’s not possible to merge the new and old history.
My new device has a different phone number
It's not possible to transfer your WhatsApp data to a new phone number. However, you can change your new phone number on your old device before moving to your new device.
Learn how to change your WhatsApp number on your old device in this article.
I can’t capture the QR code with the camera on my old device
You can access the transfer page on your iPhone by going to Settings > Chats > Move chats to Android and following the instructions.
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