How to shop while chatting with businesses

Some businesses share lists containing up to 30 items in their catalog that match requests when chatting with customers. This can make it easier to find the desired item.
Business Tip: Businesses can share their offerings directly with you in a chat. This helps you save time on looking for the product or service you want.
Shopping while chatting with businesses
  1. Go to the Chats tab > tap a chat with a business.
  2. You can tap the shopping button icon (
    ) next to the business name to access their entire catalog or send a message to let the business know what item you’re looking for.
    • Enter your message in the chat. Tap
    • If the business uses lists, they can share a list of possible matches. Tap the list.
  3. From the catalog or list, tap
    next to an item to add the item to your cart. You can also tap an item to open the product detail page. Then, tap ADD TO CART.
    • Tap
      to adjust the quantity of an item in your cart.
  4. Tap VIEW CART or the Cart icon (
    ) from the Catalog menu or in your message with the business.
  5. Tap Add a message if you’d like to send a note with your cart. Then, tap
Once the business has your cart order, they’ll discuss your payment options.
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