About payments for marketing messages

Note: This feature might not be available in your area yet.
With marketing messages, you only pay for each message that is delivered to a contact within five days of being sent. If a message is not delivered, funds will be credited back to your marketing messages account for future use.
Pricing for messages is based on the country code of your recipients. Payments are accepted in the following currencies:
Billing and payments
To see and update information about your payment methods, account balance, and more, go to
> Marketing messages >
> Billing & Payments.
Add, remove, or edit a payment method
To add a payment method, tap Add payment method > select a payment method > tap Next > enter your payment details > tap Save > Done. If you have multiple payment methods, you can set a primary method and several backup methods.
To edit a payment method, tap the payment method > Edit > enter your new payment details > tap Save.
To delete a payment method, tap the payment method > Remove > Remove > Done or Add payment method.
View your payment activity and edit your business information
To see your previous bills, tap Payment activity. To edit your business information, tap Business info > update your business information > tap Save.
To request a refund, fill this contact form.
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