About using AI on WhatsApp

We’re inspired by the possibilities that may come from Generative AI and believe they can help people, groups, and communities express ideas and make communicating with businesses more useful.
To start, we’re introducing ways for people to create stickers, as well as chat with and create images using an AI assistant built by our parent company Meta. We're also adapting the WhatsApp API so that developers and businesses can use it to create AI-powered chat experiences for their customers.
AI is fast improving its ways of responding to questions about people, places, and events in numerous languages. However, no matter how realistic these conversations become, talking to AI has different rules and expectations than personal conversations with friends and family. We want people interested in trying out this experimental technology to know some basics and what to expect.
Chatting with Meta AIs on WhatsApp
The most important thing to know is that your personal messages with friends and family are off limits. AIs can read what is sent to them, but your personal messages remain end-to-end encrypted, so no one else, including Meta, can see them.
We’ll make chats with AI visually distinct so it’s clear these are different from personal messages and conversations. You have to take action to start the conversation by opening a chat or sending a message to the AI. Only you or a group participant can initiate this, not Meta or WhatsApp. You can read more about this in our white paper.
Talking to an AI provided by Meta does not link your WhatsApp account information on Facebook, Instagram, or any other apps provided by Meta.
What you send Generative AI features may be used to provide you with accurate responses or to improve the model, so do not send messages with information you do not want it to know. Even still, the AI is trained to limit the possibility of information about people, like names for example, from showing up in other chats. You can delete your AI messages by typing /reset-all-ais in a conversation.
Generative AI is new technology and it’s important to keep in mind that responses may not be accurate or appropriate. Please provide feedback to help improve these systems and responses for yourself and others.
AI Services for Developers and Businesses using the WhatsApp API
We are working to enable developers and businesses to take advantage of AI services through the WhatsApp API for creative experiences or to make their customer support more useful. We will provide options to use Meta’s AI enabled services or integrate with another AI provider of their choice. This will also help train and improve the AIs people chat with.
We’ll publish more information for businesses and developers as we make these services available.
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